Одень свою бревенчатую хижину в деревенском стиле из сосны или барнвуда

Once the roofing is on and the outside walls are covered, it’s time to finish the interior of your cabin with Pine or Barnwood trim and molding. These two favorites can be finished in clear coat, have it stained-then a clear sealer applied, or have our barnwood textured finish applied to meet your décor needs. Rustic trim and molding add the final touches to your log siding or paneled walls.

You are not limited to a few styles of trim and molding when you purchase them from a leading log cabin products company. By ordering online, you will find a larger selection of woods, styles, shapes, and sizes than buying from your local DIY store. You can expect them to be of higher quality because each piece will be hand-inspected.

Some cabin owners elect to finish a room or two with traditional painted drywall. If you’re not sure which styles of trim and molding to use for drywall, log siding, or paneling, talk to one of our specialists for advice. Tip: Order an extra piece or two for each application in case you make a mistake in sawing or installing them. We will also assist you with estimating the amount of materials needed for the job. Check out these ideas on Pine is the enduring favorite for wallboards and trims because it’s affordable and easy to saw, drill, sand, finish, and install. Barnwood is the trendy material for general purpose use today and matching trims are needed. Both have these benefits:

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