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7 Reasons to Use Log Cabin Siding Instead of Full Logs

An Ideal Cabin Setting

Log cabin living is so popular today that prospective builders should be aware of the advantages of log siding over full logs before starting their projects. Too many people rush to buy land and build their cabins without thoroughly researching materials and construction methods. Full logs, both round and squared off, are traditional but carry with them some disadvantages. Take a closer look at tongue and groove log siding for your cabin project and why you should use it.

How Log Siding Is Made

The Advantages Over Full Logs Are Exceptional

  1. A Gorgeous Log Home

    1. Less Expensive Than Full Logs – Save money in five ways: materials, labor, shipping, no crane is needed, and buy it on sale (20% -25% off). You will come out hundreds and even thousands of dollars ahead by using siding instead of full logs. Inclement weather can slow down installing full logs and cost even more in lost time and wages. Hiring a crane and operator can cost hundreds of dollars per hour, and you can eliminate this unnecessary cost.
    2. Tongue and Groove with End-Matching – Even though full logs are notched or grooved for tight-fitting joints, they require strips of insulation between them to prevent air leaks. They also are not stable that causes joints to gap open. Log siding locks together tightly on both sides and ends to prevent joint spreading and air leaks. You will spend less time measuring and cutting and save a lot of material waste.
    3. Receive Orders In Two Weeks or Less – Once your order is placed with us, it will typically arrive in 2 weeks or less. You are never sure when full logs will arrive from a mill, and that’s why it’s a safe bet to use Pine or Cedar log siding for both exterior and interior use. Learn more about our shipping terms, Watch» this installation video> to make the work go smoother.
    4. Materials Arrive Defect-Free – Our technicians hand inspect each piece of siding to ensure you get the highest quality material available. The siding has no loose knots, cracks, cupping, or other defects when it leaves our plant. There’s no need to sort through the boards when they arrive on your job site. All of our siding products – Cedar, Pine, unfinished, and pre-finished planks arrive ready to install. See Use It for Both the Exterior and Interior

      Warm and Comfortable Den

      Cabin owners typically install log siding, paneling, or drywall or a combination of them on their interior walls. We recommend using siding or paneling to give an authentic and rustic look throughout your cabin.
      Interior siding is installed the same way as its exterior counterpart.
      cabin» decorating ideas> here.

      The Highest Quality Materials Are Available At Your Fingertips

      The WoodWorkers Shoppe mills and stocks log siding and many associated building materials for your online shopping convenience. Add any of the following to your siding order:

      Exterior Products   Interior Products
      Log Siding and Log Trim   Paneling: Knotty Pine, Barnwood, Cedar
      Pre-finished Log Siding   Pre-finished Paneling
      Corner Systems   Knotty Pine Flooring & Decking
      Hand-hewn (Peeled Logs)   Wood Doors & Log Mantels
      Log Railing & Stairs   Trim, Molding & Corners
      Sikkens & Caulk   Stairways & Railings & Rustic Lighting
      WeatherSeal Stain   Beam Covers and Log Trusses
      Perma-Chink Lifeline Stain   Cabinetry – Kitchens & Baths

      Contact us today at (800) 818-9971 for cabin ideas and ordering your log siding and other building products.

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